Straight Forward Design

Sophisticated in its simplicity, clear, restrained and stripped of all unnecessary elements*, the UX Breathing Space theme is suitable for a wide range of online shops. Its design concentrates on the basics, presenting your products in the best light without distraction.

Optimized User Experience

In developing the UX Breathing Space theme, we focused on optimizing the user's experience. We put great emphasis on intuitive operation and on making the primary call-to-action button stand out on each page.

We went beyond just the design of the most important pages of your Magento shop to provide a consistent look throughout your online shop, down to the smallest detail. See for yourself in our many product screenshots.

Slim CSS Framework

Based on a performance-optimized CSS Framework specifically developed for Magento, UX Breathing Space serves as a great foundation for you to implement your individual designs.

Fast Loading Time

Higher speed means more sales. A website's loading time is a key factor. Online stores with shorter loading times generate more sales. Higher speeds offered in this theme will not only prove to be a great benefit to you, but also to your customers and search engines.

This higher performance is mainly achieved through an optimized style sheet (reduction of CSS rules and inefficient selectors) and through the use of CSS sprites. CSS sprites reduce the number of http requests by combining multiple images into one.

See for yourself, have a look at the impressive Google PageSpeed-Score.**

* In UX Breathing Space we removed most of "sidebar boxes" (Compare Products Box, Mini-Cart, Poll, Callouts, My Orders Box...) as well as other elements. Should these be desired, they can be added by editing the layout file (local.xml).

** To combine, compress and cache JavaScript and CSS files, we recommend using the Fooman Speedster Extension.

Compatible with all major browsers
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5+
  • Opera 10+
  • Chrome
Compatible with Magento
Updates & Support
  • updates free of charge in the first
    three months following the purchase
  • free installation support via email
Available languages
  • English (en_US)
  • German (de_DE)
Mobile version
  • No
Files included
  • PHP files
  • layout files (XML)
  • template files (PHTML)
  • theme-specific translation files (CSV)
  • CSS files
  • images (layered PSD files of CSS sprites)
  • JavaScript files

Home / Category / Product Pages

Shopping Cart / One Page Checkout

Login / Create Account / Forgot Password Pages

My Account - Miscellaneous Pages

My Account - My Orders

My Account - Billing Agreements / Recurring Profiles

My Account - My Product Reviews / My Tags / My Wishlist

Search Pages

Miscellaneous Pages

Multiple Address Checkout

Messages / Sidebar Boxes

All screenshots are taken in Google Chrome.

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